There are many milestones in the business start-up journey that feel significant. I have passed through a few of these since setting up Vicky Price Consulting Ltd in September 2020.

  •  Gain first client ✅
  • Publish business website 
  • Incorporate limited company ✅
  • Send first invoice ✅
  • Get paid! (This was very exciting!) ✅✅
  • Gain second client ✅
  • Add expertise and deliver value (this one is ongoing!) ✅✅✅

 Today I hit one what feels like another significant milestone. Finally I have got round to switching from a domestic broadband and TV package, to dedicated business broadband!

Business broadband kit

 The awesome colleagues I am currently working with at Health Education England are starting to notice that I talk A LOT about the support arrangements that need to be in place once you deploy a system. What matters when you are commissioning or delivering a service is not just the technical capability (in this case fast download and upload speeds), but that support is in place to ensure the people who use the service can access it – e.g. the people on the end of the phone I can call if I get stuck setting it up (I didn’t get stuck!). Even more important is the Service Level Agreement, that says how swiftly any issue will be resolved and what arrangements are in place for service continuity in the event of outage.

I have all these in place with my new broadband package. I didn’t in my old one. That because my purchasing decisions prior to business start-up were based on different priorities, (e.g. does the TV package include Nick Jnr? Do we have access to wall-to-wall Paw Patrol?). In making this switch, at a time when reliable connectivity is so critical to the delivery of my service, I have been just as focused on the support service as the functionality.

Every system change, whether it’s as simple as switch broadband supply, or as big as a nation-wide discovery system roll out, requires a focus on HOW the system is supported as well as WHAT the system does.  

If your library service is considering system change in the future, be sure to give equal consideration to your service support requirements, as well as system functionality. If you want to chat about your library’s upcoming system change plans, schedule a call.