There was an exchange in a business networking group that I am a member of recently that rather surprised me. The poster had a Microsoft 365 for Business subscription and was planning to add her domain so she could run her business email through it.  

This is exactly what you should be doing with a M365 Business subscription. You get all the benefits of Exchange server for email routing, with the option to create shared mailboxes, plus the Outlook client for managing email and calendar and much more. 

But there was a belief that you could only add your domain to M365 if you bought via GoDaddy 😱. This is totally false and I wondered where this had come from. GoDaddy sell domain names, web-hosting and a range of other services amongst which is a bundled M365 for Business package. This costs £12.99 per month (for comparison, buying the equivalent plan direct from Microsoft is £9.40 per month – all prices exclude VAT).  

Because GoDaddy bundle this (cut down) M365 business offer with their domain, they are able to add a premium to the subscription rates (which is fair enough, they are hiding a lot of M365 admin features and adding the domain as part of the set-up service). However, it also created a false impression that this was the only route into an M365 for business subscription.  

It also led to suggestions that a better route might be to use G-suite for email (lots of small business use this very successfully). At this point I chipped in with the reassuring truth that you can add any domain from any provider to an M365 Business tenancy. Here’s the instructions from Microsoft on how to do it. 

But this misconception almost led to an unnecessary duplication of functionality and cost (buying G-suite when she already had M365) and can channel small business owners, particularly in the early stages of start-up, into buying bundled products that can be more expensive than buying direct. 

This example is just about email. But I see functionality duplication appearing a lot; people who have a M365 Subscription which includes Teams, yet still pay for zoom. Those who use the free version of SurveyMonkey, because they don’t realise that Microsoft Forms is available to them and can do that same job with better data security and no advertising! 

If you are interested in M365 for Business via direct purchase, you can view the different subscription options here – compare plans (note this is an affiliate link).

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