All too often I hear friends and clients talking about how they’ve purchased a great package with their website host and now have an email address, mailbox and all this storage with it. Even my friend who is more IT savvy has realised that she doesn’t need to pay for the mail services as she already gets this included with her Microsoft 365 subscription. 

I bet there are many people that believe they “have” to pay for a service that their website host provides such as the mail box and the application used to work with it. Or simply a lot of people just don’t know there are other ways to do things. And this is what makes me so passionate about helping out here and getting the message out to check what you are paying for and whether you are already paying for that service somewhere else.  

Who am I?

I am an expert user of Microsoft 365 – formerly known as Office 365. As an IT service manager, I was responsible for an Enterprise service of over 40,000 users and, as Consultant, I have supported corporate clients to manage their transition from legacy systems to Microsoft 365.

But, seeing the challenge that many smaller businesses have, navigating overlapping technology offers, I have decided to apply that knowledge to the small business sector. I’ve put together a workshop that explains what is included with the various M365 subscriptions. I go over what you get when you sign up, as well as compare the various packages, from Business Basic to Premium and even touch on Microsoft 365 for Personal and Family use. There are various options, and it can get a little overwhelming to those who just want to get on and use Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.  

One major application that you get with Business Standard is Teams. How many of you have signed up to a Zoom or other video calling application without realising you’ve already got one at your fingertips?  “But not everybody has Teams” is often the response I hear. BUT your audience doesn’t need to have Teams installed or even an account for that matter. Teams via the web works for anybody and has the same functionality if not more, than Zoom – the biggest being no limitation on length of call!  

So, if you’re already subscribing to Microsoft 365 and are only using it for Word and Excel, you may find out a thing or two. And if you’re on the fence about purchasing a plan, then I’ll be able to give you some answers to make your decision one way or another. For now, you can have a look at this comparison table to get an idea of packages and what you get for your hard-earned money! 

Join me in my workshop on 4th March to find out more! Just Follow this link to sign up to my reminder emails. 

I look forward to seeing you there!