My daughter joined her English class via Teams this morning. This was one of the first online sessions where the teacher had made use of the chat function to get the children to engage with the questions.

This is a great feature, especially for quiet kids like my daughter, who isn’t a natural hand raiser in class. Observations from corporate and Higher Education use of Teams show that the text chat feature does allow for deeper engagement from students or colleagues who wouldn’t necessarily be vocal in a traditional face-to face setting. So I was pleased to see it in use.


I knew that the chat function was enabled because my phone (which has Teams installed, with my daughter’s account signed in) was pinging ever other second as I got a chat notification every single time a child posted a comment.

So, for anyone who finds themselves in a similar position – or for home office workers juggling a meeting clash, where they are attending one meeting and being plagued by meeting chat notifications from another – here’s how to turn off meeting chat notifications.

How to Guide

  • Open Teams in your browser or Teams client
  • Click on your profile image in the top right hand corner
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Notifications
  • To make all your notifications silent, switch off “play sound for notifications’.
  • To edit meeting chat notification settings, click the ‘edit’ button next to ‘Meetings’
  • Change the meeting chat notifications setting from ‘Unmute’, to ‘Mute’
  • That should make the next English lesson just as engaging and exciting to join in, but a little less noisy!