If like me, you sometimes struggle to find a time that suits all your invitees when arranging a meeting, why not try FindTime? This works with people within and outside your organisation.

Instead of going back and forth with multiple emails and constantly changing the times, FindTime does the work for you and finds the optimal meeting time for all participants. FindTime is an add-in you can add to Outlook that lets you send a meeting poll to colleagues. It’s a lot more accessible than a standard Outlook appointment and works for people inside and outside of your organisation (please see the bottom of this blog post for pre-requisites and details on how to install).

To use FindTime:

Image of FindTime Meeting Poll button
Image of FindTime list of available calendar times
  1. Open a new email message.
  2. Add message recipients.
  3. Select the New meeting poll option from the email message menu bar. This opens a FindTime menu on the right hand side.
  4. Select multiple meeting time options. For internal attendees, FindTime will show free / busy information. For external invitees, this information will not be available.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Review the selected times and ensure (if appropriate) that the Teams meeting checkbox is ticked (online meetings are turned on by default).
  7. Select Add to email to insert the meeting poll into the body of your email
Image of FindTime You are invited to a meeting image to use within your email

8. You will see this box within the body of your email.

9. You will need to add further detail to your email such as the title of the meeting and any supporting information.

10. Then send as normal.

What do my invitees see?

Image of FindTime Team Meeting options that your recipients see
  1. Your recipients will each receive the email with the voting options in.
  2. They will need to click on the “x options” link within the box.
  3. They then see this screen with the options to select the times that are suitable for them.
  4. The default is set as available at all times. They will need to select either Prefer or No to reflect their availability.
  5. Then Select Vote.

What happens next?

You will receive a notification each time a vote is cast.

If one time slot is selected by all recipients a meeting will automatically be scheduled for that time. If more than one time is suitable, the earliest slot is selected. To turn off this setting you need to toggle the settings in the Poll Settings, before sending the poll. Default setting is ON.

Find out more about creating a FindTime poll.


You can only use FindTime with Microsoft 365 Apps for business or enterprise accounts that include Exchange Online. 

Find out more about FindTime pre-requisites.

Installing FindTime

From the Home tab in Outlook, select the Get Add-ins button.

Image of the ribbon in Outlook showing the Get Add-ins button

Search for FindTime

Image of the results you are looking for when searching for the FindTime Add-in

Click FindTime and then Add.

FindTime then installs and is now a button in the Home tab ribbon.


  • If the New Meeting Poll button is greyed out, you need to select a message or create a new one.
  • If the FindTime menu doesn’t open when you click New Meeting Poll – close and re-open Outlook – you’ll need to do this after installing FindTime.
  • Ensure you send the email to those people selected in the FindTime invite. Changing the recipients after adding the poll to your email does not change the recipients you entered in the poll menu.