Client: East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN) 

East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN) is one of 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) established by NHS England in 2013. EMAHSN remit is: 

“We bring together partners from across all sectors involved in health and care including the NHS, social care and public health, patients, research, third sector and industry – to identify, test and spread new technologies and better ways of working. We aim to save the NHS money, generate economic growth, empower health and care staff, and improve the experience and outcomes of patients.”

EMAHSN is hosted organisationally by Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, but physically located (when staff work in offices!) on the Jubilee Campus of Nottingham University. This reflects its cross-sector remit but poses interesting challenges operationally.  

Project Timeline 

November 2020 – Feb 2021 

What was the problem? 

Staff at EMAHSN, like most other office-based staff in 2020, pivoted to home-working very swiftly in March 2020. Various elements of remote working were functioning fairly well and staff were making use of Teams and Zoom for meetings (both internally and externally).  

Whilst the meetings functionality of Teams was well understood, usage of Teams for other forms of collaboration and document management was very patchy. Corporate documents were stored on the University R Drive – a on prem file store that the University were preparing to decommission. 

EMAHSN needed to migrate content from on premise file storage and make Microsoft 365 the primary vehicle for storage, sharing and archiving of corporate information assets. 

How did Vicky Price Consulting help? 

Analysis of current documents storage and collaboration processes was undertaken via survey to all staff and engagement sessions with each team in the organisation. Staff knowledge and usage of M365 applications was also evaluated. This data was used to devise a training plan and the future state design for document storage. 

Training sessions were run for all staff – introducing Microsoft 365 features, particularly OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.  

Each team nominated a representative to work with Vicky and the project team to map documents from their current locations (shared file store, personal file store or cloud storage) to new locations in Microsoft Teams or the corporate active and central document library held on SharePoint Online. 

Working in conjunction with the University IT services and a specialist VPC Associate, a data migration plan was created. Documents were migrated to the M365 cloud locations over the weekend, ensuring minimal disruption for EMAHSN staff.  

Follow up drop-in sessions were scheduled for all staff with specific training arranged for support staff who would be responsible for maintaining the new document management processes.  

Training materials were provided to support staff using the new capability and sign-post additional features beyond the scope of this project. An onward training plan was devised. 

A major objective of this project was to ensure that the changes implemented as part of this project would be embedded, so co-creation sessions and detailed handover with the staff who would be maintaining the infrastructure post-implementation was a key component.

What was the result? 

This is how EMAHSN benefited from this project: 

  • Corporate data, previously located on an ‘at risk’ local file store, was successfully migrated to M365 storage. Documents were moved to new locations in either SharePoint Online, Teams or OneDrive, depending on currency and access requirements. This made it easier for staff to access and share documents securely from remote locations and minimised the risk of data loss. 
  • EMAHSN have a corporate data storage and retrieval policy and defined standard operating procedures for use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive along with user guides and signposting to self-directed learning. Handover sessions were arranged to ensure the storage and archiving process was owned and managed by staff within the organisation.  
  • EMAHSN staff all undertook introductory M365 training to ensure there was shared understanding of the capability. Further training needs were identified and a training plan devised.  

Customer view

 “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Vicky on our Data Migration and Office 365 Project. Vicky is very knowledgeable and was able to translate technical information to meet our operational needs. As well as being very personable and friendly Vicky went above and beyond the scope of the project to provide advice or sign post us to other support services who could help. I’d have no hesitation recommending Vicky Price Consulting to potential new clients.” 

Christina Watson, Senior Innovation Lead – Corporate Projects at East Midlands Academic Health Science Network